Students in each of the schools in East Porter County have a number of extra-curricular opportunities to choose from. Since our schools are smaller, students have a greater ability to participate in a number of extra-curricular activities. Many of our students are three- and four-sport athletes. Other students concurrently participate in athletics, academic team competitions, band, and choir. Students are not limited in the number of activities in which they can participate.

Students in our elementary schools can participate in Math Bowl, Spell Bowl, Student Council, Science Club, Science Fair, and other various clubs. Students are also encouraged to participate in our youth basketball program.

As students move in to middle school, the extra-curricular opportunities expand. Students in middle school can continue to participate in Math Bowl, Spell Bowl, and Student Council. The athletic program includes basketball, track, cross country, and girls volleyball, cheerleading, and pom pons. Students who are interested in the arts would be interested in the Art Club, Art Fair, and Drama Club.

High school students enjoy a wide assortment of extra-curricular activities. Athletics teams include cross country, volleyball, basketball, track, soccer, baseball, softball, and golf. Students are also able to participate as single-sport athletes in sports not traditionally offered, such as gymnastics. In addition to athletics, high school students participate in band, choir, academic competitions such as Spell Bowl and academic subject area contests. To help students develop leadership skills, they can participate in Kiwanis Key Club and Student Council. Students who want to hone business skills can join the DECA team, which has been very successful in previous years. A robust Future Farmers of America (FFA) is available, as well.

The extra-curricular opportunities for students are broad and vary from school to school. For more information, contact the principal of the school.